The Tech Singularity is Upon Us

Here is a clickbait-y headline for you: The 15 most important announcements from the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 event.” Here are all the items from the article, and how not new they are.

Awesome Apple Thing

Already Been Done By…

Bigger Phones! 4.7 and 5.5 inches!

Moto X (2013) and Galaxy Note (2011)

Optical Image Stabilization!

LG G2 (2013), and likely before that

Landscape Mode! Power button on the side!

Practically every Samsung phone

NFC Payments! Secure element!

Galaxy Nexus (2011) (although NFC on top makes more sense - call this a draw)

Watch crown” wheel!

iPod click wheel (2001)

Watch communication button”!

Nextel push-to-talk (mid-00′s)

You can long press the watch screen!

Android 2.0, if not before that

Screen widgets! Custom keyboards!

Android 1.0, Swiftkey/Swype (2011)

Here’s U2 to play at the end!


These things are all kind of cool, but it is dumb to assume that Apple will bowl over” its competition by, essentially, osmosis. All the things will soon be 5.15-inch metal-rimmed slabs. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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