Year In Review 2015 and Week In Review 2016

I am a dad and have no time for non-dad-related things anymore. So my year in review, which I produce purely for my own leisure and amusement, is several weeks later than usual (see previous years). As such, it includes one week from 2016, which will then be excluded from next year’s review, if I remember.[^-1]

From what I heard of the outside world, 2015 was mostly a shitshow. But Dad Land has been good to me. So in the spirit of Chris Lacy’s …Of The Year posts, I present 2015 Of The Year.

Spoiler Of The Year

There is a new Star War. All the #brands are talking about it! The review that most reflected my reactions is here.

Depressing Summary Of Social Issues Of The Year

America Has Lost The War Against Guns, by Greg Howard

Donald Trump Of The Year

In a surprising upset, it is John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile.

Shithead Of The Year

This is a nod to the consolation prize on Doug Loves Movies, where Doug calls who/whatever the audience member wants a shithead.” The winner here is bats. Runner up is, again, Donald Trump.

Crippling Realization Of The Year

Having a child in a hospital NICU costs more than fully-loaded late-model Honda CR-V.[^-2] There is probably a joke there about having one implying getting the other, but it makes me too depressed.[^-3]

Resolution Of The (New) Year

Always check your privilege.


Also, visit Clickhole more often, for insightful social commentary and Hodor information.

2016 Week In Review

I was locked out of my work laptop for the first 3 days and the biggest news story is these Oregon jamokes. Also, my son needed surgery to remove a dermoid cyst (he is fine). At this point I’ll take 2015.

  1. I won’t remember.  ↩
  2. Sure, insurance covers most of it, but they don’t give you 36 months to pay off the difference.  ↩
  3. Fine print: does not include the hospital bills for the mother.  ↩
Up next No better way to ring in the new year than crippling IT issues that even IT can’t solve tfw you realize the song in your head is the theme song from Curious George #dadzone
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