Another bookmark dump - March 25 2019 Mar 25, 2019 bookmark Getting into bad habits with the bookmarks again. Here are all the open links on my mobile browsers. In mobile Chrome, a collection of reference 2018 Year-in-reflection Jan 4, 2019 year in review & Meta What a year(s) it has been. Even if I had written a year in review post for 2017, 2018 still felt like it was five and a half years. But, like 2017, All my open tabs, June 29 2018 Jun 29, 2018 Usually I keep up with posting interesting links as bookmarks here. However, between moving the site and an extremely hectic few months, I had about setting up blot. Jun 27, 2018 im and micro.blog - where the light gathers Micro.blog community resources Jun 18, 2018 bookmark & Indieweb & micro.blog Micro.Wiki | Resources for Micro.Blog good resource for getting started with micro.blog happy father’s day! call your representatives Jun 17, 2018 bookmark & politics this is horrifying, especially seeing Paul Ryan share pictures hugging his own kid while this goes on love seeing Venture Bros. recommendations in the feed 📺 Jun 15, 2018 venture bros & bookmark & tv This is a good episode for the theme, without getting too deep into the characters After The Incredibles 2, watch this Venture Bros. episode watching Space Jam. an rainy afternoon well spent Jun 9, 2018 now watching & Movies forgot how weird this movie is Space Jam (1996) from letterboxd.com Notion comes to Android Jun 9, 2018 Android & bookmark & Technology & productivity This app looks amazing and, like the article says, intimidating Notion brings its powerful note-taking app to Android dumbest timeline Jun 9, 2018 #repost & repost Thanks to my loyal sponsors from @potcoin and my team at @Prince_Mrketing , I will be flying to Singapore for the historical Summit. I'll give 06 04 jfc this guy Jun 4, 2018 politics & repost jfc this guy As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done Gameboy Camera telephoto lens Jun 4, 2018 bookmark & Nintendo & Video Games hell yes This guy attached a telephoto lens to his Game Boy Camera testing Bridgy Publish to Twitter Jun 4, 2018 note & Aside Displaying Twitter archives Jun 1, 2018 bookmark & Indieweb & twitter Saw this on MB discover, needed to save it for later Reply to Chris Aldrich “How to Own & Display Your Twitter Archive on Your Website in Under watching Coco May 31, 2018 now watching & Movies these look pretty cool 🎧 May 31, 2018 bookmark & oneplus & Technology OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Great affordable Bluetooth headphones for everyone huzzah! GPM saved May 25, 2018 bookmark & google don’t have to worry about migrating 30+ GBs to… I have no idea who else even does this YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music but won’t kill Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR May 25, 2018 bookmark & privacy & Technology And a happy GDPR day to you and yours Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR Product management myths May 24, 2018 bookmark & work Some context to think about in a new work role 1/ Product Management isn’t a major one can study, few folks graduate into, and most people learn by Wordpress Post Kinds bookmarklets May 23, 2018 bookmark & wordpress Need to keep this in mind for sharing on mobile Browser Bookmarklets and Mobile Sharing with Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress
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