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Notion comes to Android Jun 9, 2018 Android & bookmark & Technology & productivity This app looks amazing and, like the article says, intimidating Notion brings its powerful note-taking app to Android sent from my red phone Nov 29, 2017 #bookmark & Android & bookmark & Link & Technology https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2017/11/28/16710210/red-smartphone-roundup-huawei-samsung-galaxy-s8-oneplus sent from my red phone The ability to pin the screen in #Android is clutch for parents, until you realize their thumb rests right on the button to unpin Jun 12, 2016 #aside & Android & note & Aside & Technology Apple releases Shutters, my favorite Android launcher feature @chrismlacy Sep 9, 2015 #aside & android & apple & note & Aside & Technology The Tech Singularity is Upon Us Sep 9, 2014 android & apple & article & rant & Technology Here is a clickbait-y headline for you: “The 15 most important announcements from the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 event.” Here are all the items from the HTC One (M8) Flash Review Jun 5, 2014 #HTC & android & note & reviews & Technology The phone du jour is the HTC One M8, and I am a phone connoisseur. My JUMP-grade came up, and I had to pull the trigger. The Nexus 5 was a fantastic Link Bubble Mar 21, 2014 android & Buffer & note & Link & Technology & via IFTTT One of the reasons I love android devices - thinking outside the box http://tnw.co/1in2cKW from Buffer via IFTTT Even in secret… Jan 29, 2014 android & note & Link & privacy & Technology NSA/GCHQ shipping iOS first This comment hit a little close to home LG G2 Flash Review Nov 15, 2013 #LG & android & Nexus 5 & note & reviews & Technology & writing Due to a combination of horrible timing and a lack of my second and third choices[^1] at the T-Mobile store[^2], I have been using an LG G2 for Phablet Couture, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Touchwiz Oct 31, 2013 android & AOSP & Galaxy Note 2 & note & Technology & Touchwiz & writing I’ve had a Galaxy Note 2 for about 6 months. I bought it because I got the itch to upgrade, and it was the best Android phone available at the time ‘Virtuous’ circles of software Oct 24, 2013 android & iOS & note & Technology & venture capital & via Tumblr & writing I started a list several months ago of iOS-first applications that had everything to gain from launching on Android but seemingly just decided not The trouble with mobile Jun 5, 2013 #google & android & mobile & note & privacy & Technology & verizon & writing I am stuck in the second half of my 2 year phone contract. The first half is when the phone is all new and shiny and the manufacturer keeps it up to The Master List Tracker, Feb. 2013 Feb 12, 2013 #technology & android & apps & iOS & Master List & mobile & note & Technology & twitter & vine As an Android user, I am sick of developers picking iOS over Android as their initial mobile launch. It may be that I don’t understand the The Master List Feb 12, 2013 #technology & android & apps & iOS & Master List & mobile & note & Technology This is the list of apps that have yet to come to Android, for any number of reasons. about.me Nike