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Toddler Media Diet Mar 31, 2018 #DadZone & article & TV The little man is starting to have strong opinions about what we play and read and listen to and watch. And while I have been able to steer his “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” Is Playing At Our House May 22, 2017 #DadZone & #fatherhood & article & LCD Soundsystem & Music Being a parent is scary. Starting from essentially a blank slate, you are required to take a new human life, keep it alive, and teach it to function Year-in-Review 2016, or The Last Thing Anyone Wants To Read Right Now Dec 31, 2016 article & Meta & year in review What a year it has been. Personally, 2016 was pretty good. Our child is now walking and talking constantly, mostly about Thomas the Tank First draft of concession speech, Nov 9 2016 Nov 9, 2016 article & Meta & politics & venting Congratulations, President-Elect, and best of luck in your two (2) court dates before your inauguration. Congratulations to white people. You have Crypto and You Mar 14, 2016 #storytime & article & politics & Technology So you want to learn more about the encryption debate.[^1] Well, take a knee, gang, its #storytime. Flash back 10 years ago. No one gave a shit Year In Review 2015 and Week In Review 2016 Jan 8, 2016 article & Meta & year in review I am a dad and have no time for non-dad-related things anymore. So my year in review, which I produce purely for my own leisure and amusement, is Open source cars Oct 20, 2015 #cars & article & Technology & work (This was meant to be a brief reply to this post, but it ballooned into a post all its own.) Open source automotive software makes sense on paper. I Ad-block-alypse Sep 30, 2015 #internet & article & Dear NSA Angel & Technology Dear Cheryl1 (my NSA angel), Hi there. I have been reading (but you knew that) about the latest cycle of ad blocking, and how it will be the end of Spygate and Ballghazi Sep 11, 2015 #NFL & article & Dear NSA Angel & Sports Dear Ernesto (my NSA angel), We haven’t chatted (directly) in a while. How are things? Last I heard, you had the director of the FBI complaining The Bat-Man Aug 13, 2015 #goddamnitbrian & article & home ownership & Meta I have been trying to not write about our house while it is on the market1, but I need to record this for posterity. We have an old house, and last The Elusive Private Cloud Jun 5, 2015 #google & #internet & apple & article & privacy & Technology It is the DMZ week between the two major developer conferences of the year, #Google I/O and Appple’s WWDC. Shots were fired by Google in the form of An Open Letter to the Governor of Indiana Mar 31, 2015 #Indiana & article & Meta & politics Dear Governor Pence, #Indiana has not been doing great in the media lately. First Pawnee had to merge with Eagleton1, then the Mole Women emerged Beginning the move to Known Mar 24, 2015 article & Indieweb & Meta Moving the blog to Known has been in the back of my mind for a while now, so I finally pulled the trigger. This has been a fun weekend project, now Year-Listicle In Review 2014 Dec 21, 2014 article & Personal & writing & year in review Lots of pretty terrible things happened this year. It wasn’t all bad though. Here were the bright spots. (And here is the review of last year.) The Internet as a Megaphone Oct 30, 2014 #subcultures & article & Technology & Video Games & women & writing We live in exciting, sometimes terrifying times. It has become fashionable to carry a device on your person at all times with more computing power The MS Office Conundrum Oct 13, 2014 #software & article & microsoft & Microsoft Office & Technology & writing Microsoft Office makes people worse at software.[^1] I work with engineers - people that know their way around power electronics and embedded The Indie Web Oct 9, 2014 #facebook & article & in beta & indie web & Indieweb & Known & Meta & Technology & TWiG & writing I have been griping about leaving Facebook and owning my data for a while now, but I may have finally found a solution. The indie web, its called. Less than meets the eye Sep 19, 2014 #Transformers & article & Movies I am a Transformers fan. It takes a lot to admit that anymore. That admission comes with a lot more baggage now than it did 10 years ago. It is a The Tech Singularity is Upon Us Sep 9, 2014 android & apple & article & rant & Technology Here is a clickbait-y headline for you: “The 15 most important announcements from the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 event.” Here are all the items from the