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More blogging tools! Jan 29, 2014 #blogging & Markdown & Meta & note & writing I can’t decide anymore. There are so many places to blog now. Varying feature sets keep me from fully locking into one, but I realize that it is The Year of the Blog (specifically, mine) Dec 16, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & writing My new year’s resolution for 2013 has been to write. Just, in general, write when you can. I enjoy experimenting with technology and software, so I Mundanity Jan 30, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & Pilch & writing I am battling with how to write a blog post without dropping into the mundane details of everyday life. It is something we have all become aware of post Apr 11, 2012 #blogging & Dog Blog & Meta & note & Image & via Tumblr