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Another bookmark dump - March 25 2019 3/25/2019
Micro.blog community resources 6/18/2018
happy father’s day! call your representatives 6/17/2018
love seeing Venture Bros. recommendations in the feed 📺 6/15/2018
Notion comes to Android 6/9/2018
Gameboy Camera telephoto lens 6/4/2018
Displaying Twitter archives 6/1/2018
these look pretty cool 🎧 5/31/2018
huzzah! GPM saved 5/25/2018
Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR 5/25/2018
Product management myths 5/24/2018
Wordpress Post Kinds bookmarklets 5/23/2018
I found a new favorite website http://clicksandhisses.com 5/2/2018
Facebook admits Zuckerberg wiped his old messages—which you can’t do | Ars Technica 4/7/2018
Social media needs more awkward silences | The Outline 4/7/2018
The Best Alternatives to Every Facebook Feature 3/31/2018
Julian Casablancas is on a top-secret mission to wake up the sheeple 3/28/2018
mood music 3/27/2018
An Introduction to the IndieWeb 3/25/2018
The Voidz’ Julian Casablancas Interview: Talks New Album and Strokes Legacy | Billboard 3/25/2018
Purdue deserved better than to play the Sweet 16 without Isaac Haas. 3/24/2018
Blogging, social media, and ambient humanity 3/23/2018
Isaac Haas’ elbow: Purdue engineers work around clock to design brace 3/23/2018
Paul Ford: Facebook Is Why We Need a Digital Protection Agency - Bloomberg 3/21/2018
Freeing Myself from Facebook 3/21/2018
What football will look like in the future 3/13/2018
Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic - WSJ 3/7/2018
Stardew Valley is definitely a horror game 2/28/2018
Donald Trump, #MeToo, Facebook, And The Breakdown Of Institutional Power 2/25/2018
Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People 2/25/2018
Time Is Running Out For The Super Smash Bros. Scene’s Favorite Game Controller 2/25/2018
On Smarm 2/25/2018
My Magical Quest to Destroy Tom Brady and Win a Philadelphia Eagles Mini Fridge at Super Bowl LII | GQ 2/25/2018
How Analogue remade the Super Nintendo - Polygon 2/25/2018
Why Field Notes Have Remained Curiously Addictive for a Decade | Chicago magazine 2/25/2018
Purdue’s Seniors Complete the Delaney Dozen - Hammer and Rails 2/23/2018
Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You? | ClickHole 2/23/2018
How Facebook Is Killing Comedy 2/7/2018
Fitbit will end support for Pebble smartwatches in June 1/25/2018
A Christmas gift from Game Boy ROM hackers: Super Mario Land 2 in color 12/26/2017
The Nintendo Switch gave me back my video games 12/15/2017
Baby Boomers love Facebook, so let them have it | The Outline 12/11/2017
this is extremely my jam 12/8/2017
Uber’s use of encrypted messaging may set legal precedents 12/4/2017
Interesting 11/30/2017
sent from my red phone 11/29/2017
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met - Gizmodo 11/8/2017
Something is wrong on the internet — James Bridle — Medium 11/7/2017
Did Crybaby Loser Papa John Also Lose Our Chain Pizza Rankings? 11/2/2017
new st. vincent is good you guys - get on it 10/19/2017
what better way to procrastinate than to build an AI that sells paperclips 10/11/2017
VP Mike Pence tweets same picture from Colts game that he tweeted in 2014 10/8/2017
7 Experiences Every AIM Addict Remembers | ClickHole 10/6/2017
I’m so glad that I waited to play Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch - The Verge 10/5/2017
lol what 10/3/2017
Multi-Photo Support in OwnYourGram | Aaron Parecki 10/3/2017
A good read. I’ve come to similar conclusions about Bob the Builder 9/28/2017
movie trailer voice Irma was just a cat 4 hurricane… until they filled it with bullets 9/10/2017
We hardly knew ye, Vincent D’Onofrio in Men In Black. 8/18/2017
I hope this isn’t Fitbit’s new smartwatch - The Verge 8/10/2017
The Land of the Large Adult Son 8/4/2017
how will I mark up my screenshots now? 7/24/2017
An interesting #indieweb dilemma 7/13/2017
smdh: Hobby Lobby illegally imported ancient Iraqi artifacts (possibly funding ISIS) 7/6/2017
Volvo to end gas-only cars by 2019 7/5/2017
we are wading into the philosophical deep end here, and if you try to grab onto me we’ll both drown https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/93696/is-it-unethical-for-me-to-not-tell-my-employer-i-ve-automated-my-job 7/5/2017
‘Love Thy Neighbor?’ - The Washington Post 7/3/2017
List: 11 Ways That I, a White Man, Am Not Privileged - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency 6/26/2017
This is neat #indieweb http://www.indiemap.org 6/25/2017
well it’s about time 6/20/2017
Everyone is now required to have an opinion about Kathy Griffin: Here are 6 acceptable ones 6/2/2017
The Strokes: An Oral History 5/16/2017
Winners and Losers of the Recent Nuclear Holocaust - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency 5/12/2017
i saw this quote yesterday, and didn’t even need to see the photo to know what it looked like 4/20/2017
You Are The United Nations Secretary-General! Can You Use The Bathroom For 5 Freaking Minutes Without World War III Breaking Out? 4/13/2017
Jared Goes To Iraq! A Picture Story 4/12/2017
Kansas 98, Purdue 66: The Morning After - Hammer and Rails 3/24/2017
I’ve got $40 for the first Gofundme to purchase Senator Todd Young’s browsing history 3/23/2017
Favorite new aspect of Trump’s America: the voice of the resistance and journalistic integrity is Teen Vogue 3/3/2017
What’s good for the goose… is worth two in the bush… or something 3/2/2017
this is extremely my jam 2/13/2017
brief outrage respite: roasting Steve Bannon 2/2/2017
The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence - Rolling Stone 1/23/2017
This unverified report about Trump’s Russian ties is Twitter gold 1/11/2017
His name is Caleb Swanigan, and he’s turned ordinary Purdue into must-watch TV 1/9/2017
Your self-driving car won’t be built by Uber or Google 12/14/2016
Why Delphi and Mobileye think they have the secret sauce for self-driving cars - The Verge 12/1/2016
Fitbit may be preparing to purchase Pebble, existing Pebble products will be phased out 12/1/2016
Shirtless Trump Saves Drowning Kitten - MTV 11/17/2016
Securing Your Digital Life Like a Normal Person — Martin Shelton — Medium 11/16/2016
I did not realize Coco Crisp was with the Indians, and all I can think of is this 10/26/2016
Whether you vote for a former governor, a doctor, a former Secretary of State, or a disgraced game show host, you have to register first. 10/7/2016
This is honestly where I have got 80% of my election news for the last 2 months. So good 10/4/2016
This needs an emoji for kissing your fingers and saying “magnifico”, all I could find is ? 9/16/2016
Damn, Lake Woebegon beat down 9/1/2016
Gah I turned it off right before this 8/21/2016
Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokémon teens - The Local 8/16/2016
This is where I get most of my election sound bytes. Actual quotes “made 0.00001% more catty” 8/13/2016
I forgot about this until earlier today, and I laughed until I teared up 8/10/2016
It Is Critically Important That You Vote In This … | ClickHole 8/3/2016
Poll: Five Percent of Americans Would Vote Harambe the Dead Ape for President 7/31/2016
David Letterman counts down the top 10 guys Indiana Gov. Mike Pence looks like - The Washington Post 7/15/2016
Tim Duncan: An NBA Legend Rides Into The Sunset At A Safe And Prudent Speed - The Onion - America’s Finest News Source 7/12/2016
Pokémon I Want To Eat, Ranked 7/12/2016
Ronaldo Hurt; Assaulted By Moth 7/10/2016
America: A Review. 7/4/2016
Android N Preview 3 Changes The Screen Unpinning Shortcut, No Longer Throws You Back To Recents Overview 7/3/2016
Reboot the World | New Republic 6/28/2016
Sharing from the #IndieWeb on Mobile (Android) with Apps and @WithKnown 6/21/2016
Decentralized Web Summit | snarfed.org 6/12/2016
How My Parody Parody Twitter Account Got Hacked By ISIS 5/24/2016
Indianapolis Motor Speedway to consider lifting blackout if Indy 500 sells out 5/23/2016
Nation Too Sad To Fuck Even Though It’s What Prince Would Have Wanted 4/21/2016
Here’s why you can’t successfully FOIA President Obama’s ‘Game of Thrones’ screener 4/19/2016
Econ lesson hits close to home 3/24/2016
http://m.wikihow.com/Defeat-ISIS 3/23/2016
Lol #tech 3/2/2016
Pertinent information 2/27/2016
Fellow beer enthusiasts: mark your calendars http://www.darklordday.com 2/26/2016
Makes sense, like how they force safe manufacturers to build a skeleton key hole into their product 2/17/2016
Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie from Owen Burke, Fu… 2/11/2016
Oh Crap, It’s Time To Draft Your Fantasy Puppy Bowl Team 2/3/2016
Astrobase GO! 1/25/2016
Comedian Jon Benjamin’s Jazz Album Is Full Of ‘Real, Untapped Un-Talent’ : NPR 1/20/2016
The Most Painful NFL Teams to Watch 12/13/2015
The Names On The FIFA Ballot Sound Made-Up 10/26/2015
The Xbox One Is Garbage And The Future Is Bullshit 10/14/2015
A short note about web standards from your friends at Known 10/14/2015
I quote these shows to people around me constantly. #athf #aquateen They did something right 10/9/2015
This is pretty cool, but I keep thinking about the Terminator saying “my CPU is a neural network, a learning computer” 10/8/2015
There’s a Man Scattering Very Funny Fake Books, Signs and Pamphlets Around L.A. 10/6/2015
‘A positivity app’ implies you can only rate people 5 stars. Then what is the point? 10/1/2015
What shape is the internet? 9/24/2015
Mossberg: It’s time to free the smartphone 9/16/2015
MIT Admissions: “Picture yourself as a stereotypical male” 9/14/2015
xkcd Survey 9/2/2015
Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site 8/27/2015
Engineering Students at Purdue Can Take a Class In Hyperloop Design This Fall 8/27/2015
The Best of Nancy Grace, Queen of Hashtags 8/26/2015
Look out honey, cause I’m using technology 8/25/2015
John Oliver’s Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption Church 8/17/2015
Net neutrality and terrorists 8/17/2015
How I Gave Up Alternating Current 8/4/2015
Who Said It: Chris Christie Or Buzz From “Home Alone”? 6/30/2015
The Life and Death of Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Paste 6/17/2015
I’m anticipating some looks when I wear this to work 6/15/2015
What is Code? 6/11/2015
tries not to pee from excitement 6/3/2015
A Millennial Revenge Fantasy | The Hairpin 5/14/2015
No one is allowed to own things anymore. 4/24/2015
Restricting the spending of federal benefits should include the rich - The Washington Post 4/22/2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! - YouTube 4/22/2015
I can finally pay for GOT, in the most roundabout way possible http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/9/8376509/hbo-sling-tv-now-available 4/9/2015
The Fermi Paradox 3/12/2015
City sadness 3/11/2015
The Verge: One of my favorite podcast hosts died, and it feels like I lost a friend 2/20/2015
Unheralded Rivalry Report: Indiana vs. Purdue 1/30/2015
Mashable: I drove the streets of Las Vegas in a self-driving Audi 1/8/2015
WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: The Venture Bros. 1/7/2015
Playing With My Son 12/10/2014
alt-J - Left Hand Free 10/31/2014
Glad I could help lol 10/30/2014
How to Spot Dogs: Dogspotting Orthodox Rules Explained 10/8/2014
Franz Ferdinand - Right Action 10/2/2014
Does watching the NFL make you evil? 9/11/2014
Different rules apply 8/28/2014
Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living 8/19/2014
My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers 8/5/2014
Squirtle, I (Should) Choose You! Settling a Great Pokémon Debate with Science 8/5/2014
​How To Beat 400 Games In 4.5 Years 7/22/2014