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Horse grenades Feb 5, 2014 Andy Dwyer & Chat & note & Parks and Rec & Quotes & TV -Close only counts in horse grenades. -What? -Well, when you are playing horseshoes, and you throw your grenade at the horse, you don’t have to get XKCD: Preferred Chat System Aug 23, 2013 #chat & #internet & note & Image & Technology & xkcd xkcd: Preferred Chat System Rochambeau May 4, 2013 #lol & Chat & note & Quotes & the order of the triad & the venture bros. & TV JT: Ok, on three, give him the old Rochambeau! A: Rock paper scissors? O: What does a general from the American Revolution have to do with this? JT: Is this guy a shark or what? Apr 23, 2013 1980s guy & boneitis & Chat & futurama & note & Quotes & TV & Zoidberg -There are two kinds of people in the world: sheep and sharks. Anyone who is a sheep is fired. Who here is a sheep? -Excuse me - which is the one Thunder Mar 13, 2013 #athf & Aqua Teen Hunger Force & Chat & iamapod & master shake & note & Quotes & TV Master Shake: Will you check my schedule, please? Right on the fridge. Frylock: “24/7 THE THUNDER WILL ROLL.” Looks like you’re all booked up.