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just a normal mother’s day brunch playing with normal toddler toys May 13, 2018 photo & Image & #DadZone Toddler Media Diet Mar 31, 2018 #DadZone & article & TV The little man is starting to have strong opinions about what we play and read and listen to and watch. And while I have been able to steer his Unhappy that Hulk could not join him at daycare, our compromise was to restrain him so as not to cause horrific damage to the surrounding municipalities until later this evening Mar 19, 2018 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image & Uncategorized me after watching Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed for the 39th consecutive day with our toddler: Feb 24, 2018 #aside & #DadZone & Movies & note & Aside how did this not win multiple Oscars? James Gunn is Something is wrong on the internet — James Bridle — Medium Nov 7, 2017 #bookmark & #DadZone & #google & bookmark & parenting & Link & Technology & youtube Current toddler song request: “Car Song”, aka Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, seen here Oct 29, 2017 #aside & #DadZone & note & Aside https://youtu.be/Zq8Z5fqJX0 A good read. I’ve come to similar conclusions about Bob the Builder Sep 28, 2017 #bookmark & #DadZone & bookmark & Link The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends parenting insights occasionally do not come from the perspective of a parent Aug 13, 2017 #aside & #DadZone & note & Aside Hey everyone I'm a clown and I just got back from facepainting at a the other parents at this daycare are weird looking Jul 28, 2017 #DadZone & #image & photo & Image The Moana soundtrack is good, right? Do I have Stockholm syndrome? This may be a cry for help Jul 20, 2017 #aside & #DadZone & Music & note & Aside Great engineering work starts with a great blueprint Jul 16, 2017 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image this is an interesting thread Jul 12, 2017 #aside & #DadZone & note & Aside Parents limiting “screen time” is the new “rock and roll music destroys the purity of my child”don’t @ me — when other ppl build train tracks vs. me building train tracks Jul 9, 2017 #DadZone & #image & photo & Image visiting the fire station Jul 2, 2017 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image An update: we’ve entered Disney phase with the Moana soundtrack. But if I say “1-2-3 UH!”, he can sing the first line of Hey Ya Jun 21, 2017 #DadZone & #reply & Aside & reply ok google never talk to me or my son again May 24, 2017 #DadZone & #image & photo & Image “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” Is Playing At Our House May 22, 2017 #DadZone & #fatherhood & article & LCD Soundsystem & Music Being a parent is scary. Starting from essentially a blank slate, you are required to take a new human life, keep it alive, and teach it to function walks into kitchen, briefly believes in ghosts oh wait, a child also lives here Dec 5, 2016 #DadZone & #image & photo & Image #voterfraud #rigged Nov 8, 2016 #DadZone & #image & #voterfraud & photo & Image song stuck in my head today: that Janelle Monae song from Sesame Street Sep 2, 2016 #aside & #DadZone & jam & Music & Aside pulls out notepad, writes “don’t put baby in a fire” hmm, the more you know Mar 8, 2016 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image tfw you realize the song in your head is the theme song from Curious George #dadzone Jan 14, 2016 #aside & #DadZone & note & Aside The Names On The FIFA Ballot Sound Made-Up Oct 26, 2015 #bookmark & #DadZone & bookmark & Link & Sports Wish I would have seen “Jerome Champagne” before picking our baby’s name  The Names On The FIFA Ballot Sound Made-Up Dress for the job you want Jul 9, 2015 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image Need to line up some interviews, anybody hiring? One of my growing fears May 15, 2015 #DadZone & #repost & Aside & repost I never got why some parents are so hostile toward other parents. Then today I discovered another dad taught my son Jack May 6, 2015 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image Jack is up and moving. Still recovering, but looking great It begins May 5, 2015 #DadZone & #photo & photo & Image