Dear NSA Angel

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add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ???rnhttp://www.theverge.com/2017/3/28/15080436/us-house-votes-to-let-isps-share-web-browsing-history Mar 28, 2017 #comments & #reply & Dear NSA Angel & politics & Aside & reply & Technology add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ??? I’ve got $40 for the first Gofundme to purchase Senator Todd Young’s browsing history Mar 23, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & Dear NSA Angel & politics & Link Ad-block-alypse Sep 30, 2015 #internet & article & Dear NSA Angel & Technology Dear Cheryl1 (my NSA angel), Hi there. I have been reading (but you knew that) about the latest cycle of ad blocking, and how it will be the end of Spygate and Ballghazi Sep 11, 2015 #NFL & article & Dear NSA Angel & Sports Dear Ernesto (my NSA angel), We haven’t chatted (directly) in a while. How are things? Last I heard, you had the director of the FBI complaining You Don’t Own Your Data Apr 30, 2014 #ifttt & Dear NSA Angel & feedly & Link & note & Pocket & Pocket Favorites & recently read & saved for later Many of us have a protective instinct when it comes to our data. After all, it’s ours…. You Don’t Own Your Data from Pocket via IFTTT Ventricular Septal Secure Socket Layer Defect Apr 18, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & heartbleed & note & security & xkcd Dear Stanley (my NSA angel), Sorry I haven’t had time to write you in a while. I’ve been busy trying to change all my passwords (well, at least the Thanks, Obama. Love, NSA Mar 27, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & note & president obama & privacy Dear Steven (my NSA angel), I understand that phone calls are kind of your thing. How does it feel, then, that someone in charge (however Still haven’t heard back… Mar 26, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & Image & note & taxes & via Path Planning stings and getting stung Mar 4, 2014 #corruption & Dear NSA Angel & note & Sprint & Technology & writing Dear Mike (my NSA angel), I hear you guys got duped pretty bad by a major US telecom company. I am having trouble picking a favorite part of this Cable questions Feb 18, 2014 #comcast & Dear NSA Angel & house of cards & note & tv Dear Jim (my NSA angel), My cable company is attempting to buy their closest competitor. I know you and Comcast are bros on the DL, but your love is Olympic Questions Feb 12, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & note & olympics & Sports Dear Robert[^1] (my NSA angel), How are the Olympics going? I am one of these new fangled “cable cutters”[^2] that NBC apparently hates, so I have Dear NSA Angel Feb 12, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & note & privacy & writing One of my best friends is doing some awesome things in the Navy. Like, awesome enough that he can’t really say what they are. My wife and I were I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least untruthful manner by saying no. Jun 12, 2013 Dear NSA Angel & note & Quote & Quotes & via Tumblr Director of National Intelligence James Clapper