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Ad-block-alypse Sep 30, 2015 #internet & article & Dear NSA Angel & Technology Dear Cheryl1 (my NSA angel), Hi there. I have been reading (but you knew that) about the latest cycle of ad blocking, and how it will be the end of What shape is the internet? Sep 24, 2015 #bookmark & #internet & bookmark & Link Pretty sure it is actually a series of tubes What shape is the internet? Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site Aug 27, 2015 #bookmark & #internet & bookmark & hacking & Link & Technology Full of schadenfreude if you are a fan of: marital fidelity recognizing scams responsible database management Almost None of the Women in the The Elusive Private Cloud Jun 5, 2015 #google & #internet & apple & article & privacy & Technology It is the DMZ week between the two major developer conferences of the year, #Google I/O and Appple’s WWDC. Shots were fired by Google in the form of XKCD: Preferred Chat System Aug 23, 2013 #chat & #internet & note & Image & Technology & xkcd xkcd: Preferred Chat System Facebook Break Mar 2, 2013 #facebook & #internet & #technology & note & Personal & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I finally uninstalled the Facebook app on my phone about two weeks ago, mostly because it sucks. I checked back a few nights ago via the browser, How to Share Online Feb 26, 2013 #facebook & #google & #internet & #technology & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I keep wrestling with when and how to leave Facebook (and actually have a long draft in progress for when I finally do). But where does one go now? Privacy Feb 18, 2013 #cispa & #internet & #technology & note & privacy & Technology & writing The amount of people that do not (or even choose not to) understand modern technology and the internet is bewildering. I see it day to day at work