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2018 Year-in-reflection Jan 4, 2019 year in review & Meta What a year(s) it has been. Even if I had written a year in review post for 2017, 2018 still felt like it was five and a half years. But, like 2017, URL shuffle and Indieweb itches May 18, 2018 Indieweb & Meta Satisfying an itch I’ve had for a while, I am working on migrating the back end of pilch.me from Known back to WordPress. I love Known, but this has that sweet day 1 feeling Dec 5, 2017 #image & Meta & photo & Image & work anyone need micro.blog invites hmu Dec 1, 2017 #aside & Indieweb & Meta & note & Aside Year-in-Review 2016, or The Last Thing Anyone Wants To Read Right Now Dec 31, 2016 article & Meta & year in review What a year it has been. Personally, 2016 was pretty good. Our child is now walking and talking constantly, mostly about Thomas the Tank First draft of concession speech, Nov 9 2016 Nov 9, 2016 article & Meta & politics & venting Congratulations, President-Elect, and best of luck in your two (2) court dates before your inauguration. Congratulations to white people. You have successfully migrated to fresh server. hello digital ocean May 29, 2016 #aside & Meta & note & Aside been a quiet month. time to do some bloggin’ May 23, 2016 #aside & Meta & note & Aside Year In Review 2015 and Week In Review 2016 Jan 8, 2016 article & Meta & year in review I am a dad and have no time for non-dad-related things anymore. So my year in review, which I produce purely for my own leisure and amusement, is Leaving Lafayette Aug 21, 2015 #photo & Meta & photo & Image Ten years, three degrees, three part time jobs, one internship, one full time job, and a rental property later, it is time for us to move on. The Bat-Man Aug 13, 2015 #goddamnitbrian & article & home ownership & Meta I have been trying to not write about our house while it is on the market1, but I need to record this for posterity. We have an old house, and last “Weather is dumb. Not a fan.” - my wife Jul 17, 2015 #aside & Meta & Quote & quote & review & weather “Weather is dumb. Not a fan.” — my wife Interesting tidbit: in that last post, I tried swipe-typing “vagina” and Swiftkey autocorrected to “bazooka”. Close… May 28, 2015 #reply & Meta & Aside & reply An Open Letter to the Governor of Indiana Mar 31, 2015 #Indiana & article & Meta & politics Dear Governor Pence, #Indiana has not been doing great in the media lately. First Pawnee had to merge with Eagleton1, then the Mole Women emerged Beginning the move to Known Mar 24, 2015 article & Indieweb & Meta Moving the blog to Known has been in the back of my mind for a while now, so I finally pulled the trigger. This has been a fun weekend project, now The Indie Web Oct 9, 2014 #facebook & article & in beta & indie web & Indieweb & Known & Meta & Technology & TWiG & writing I have been griping about leaving Facebook and owning my data for a while now, but I may have finally found a solution. The indie web, its called. Bullet Journaling Jun 12, 2014 #Evernote & GTD & Meta & note & workflowy & writing Flip-flopping yet again, I found another organization method to try out called the Bullet Journal. This one is decidedly analog, and the only major Assuming Mar 7, 2014 Entertainment & Meta & note & Image & word play & xkcd More blogging tools! Jan 29, 2014 #blogging & Markdown & Meta & note & writing I can’t decide anymore. There are so many places to blog now. Varying feature sets keep me from fully locking into one, but I realize that it is The Year of the Blog (specifically, mine) Dec 16, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & writing My new year’s resolution for 2013 has been to write. Just, in general, write when you can. I enjoy experimenting with technology and software, so I Can now blog directly from Path. Nov 21, 2013 Meta & note & Path & Status & via Path Kewl View on Path Hello world! Nov 13, 2013 Meta & note New new home. Went through many URL ideas, from pilchblog to baltimization (I may still reserve that one for something). Anyways, hope you like it. Mundanity Jan 30, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & Pilch & writing I am battling with how to write a blog post without dropping into the mundane details of everyday life. It is something we have all become aware of from IRL Jan 24, 2013 Meta & note & writing Ok, for real this time. This is all very new to me. But this seems like a good landing point for thoughts and aspirations and observations and GIFs post Apr 11, 2012 #blogging & Dog Blog & Meta & note & Image & via Tumblr