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our Peruvian beef spaniel Charlie turned 6 today. doesn’t look a day over 4 5/15/2018
just a normal mother’s day brunch playing with normal toddler toys 5/13/2018
draining Peter thiel’s bank account $2 at a time 4/10/2018
date day 3/30/2018
happy spring, my ass (it will never be spring) 3/21/2018
Unhappy that Hulk could not join him at daycare, our compromise was to restrain him so as not to cause horrific damage to the surrounding municipalities until later this evening 3/19/2018
thanks google for once again finding the top story for me 3/16/2018
betting it all on black this year. same as every year 3/15/2018
HQ Trivia now on Android - use referral code pi1ch 1/4/2018
Handmaid’s tale and It now filed under nonfiction. Looking forward to 2018 12/31/2017
ron swanson has moved into circuit board fabrication 12/21/2017
this doesn’t look like a new star war, i’ve seen that dude before. Blueberry milkshake IPA looks new though 12/19/2017
The honey made this one 12/16/2017
that sweet day 1 feeling 12/5/2017
Wild Kratts opening for @st_vincent tonight 11/15/2017
A tale of two weeks 10/28/2017
Don’t allow the birds to nibble pants or shoes 10/21/2017
#purduegameface 10/7/2017
come down to the cloudy apocalypse in the next 12 minutes if u want an ass kicking 8/21/2017
the other parents at this daycare are weird looking 7/28/2017
Great engineering work starts with a great blueprint 7/16/2017
when other ppl build train tracks vs. me building train tracks 7/9/2017
visiting the fire station 7/2/2017
…well, looks like that’s lunch everybody 6/29/2017
as the old song goes, “speaking words of wisdom…” 6/24/2017
I’ve lost count, but this one was delicious 6/11/2017
Charlie the Breeze Enjoyer 6/10/2017
thanks to @fieldnotesbrand for their amazing notebooks, and for the hand cramps from the correspondence school final 5/28/2017
ok google never talk to me or my son again 5/24/2017
a happy 5th birthday to our Guatemalan vaseline hound Charlie. your commitment to sleeping 19 hours a day and peeing on carpets is truly an inspiration to us all 5/15/2017
Happy Easter! Time for the next burger in the book. Some real comfort food 4/16/2017
if you’re playing Mass Effect Andromeda, preset number 2 is “pilch face”, with a couple tweaks 3/26/2017
happy spring, from Google Assistant 3/20/2017
The Flame Genie is Walking In Memphis 3/3/2017
Burger for the big game. Sweet and savory 2/5/2017
Burger number 3. You can always add more cumin 1/29/2017
Game time 1/8/2017
Next burger on the list, because this is what we do now 1/6/2017
First go at the Bob’s Burgers cookbook 1/1/2017
life is coming at me fast 12/14/2016
walks into kitchen, briefly believes in ghosts oh wait, a child also lives here 12/5/2016
a lot to unpack here 11/9/2016
#voterfraud #rigged 11/8/2016
what’s good lucas oil 8/27/2016
only one of these is a real person, right? 7/2/2016
window shopping 4/11/2016
hoppin the mississppi 4/11/2016
#tacotime 4/9/2016
someone should tell this guy to mackle less 3/18/2016
pulls out notepad, writes “don’t put baby in a fire” hmm, the more you know 3/8/2016
Car shopping at #indyautoshow 1/1/2016
Thanks #starwars for letting me interact with my #fave #brands like Kay Jewelers and Kraft mac and cheese and Dodge Chargers and HP printer ink and Duracell batteries and Fiat 500s 12/10/2015
Been making the same commute for 4 years. Today, Google thinks I went to work in China. Made it in about 40 minutes 10/26/2015
United States Polo Assassins have been assassinating since 1890. Made with exclusive Bangladeshi cotton 10/22/2015
One of the only photos I took myself on our wedding day @jessamineo 10/1/2015
Antonio Brown is a Lego man 9/10/2015
An unexpected perk of moving 9/2/2015
Leaving Lafayette 8/21/2015
Storm door 8/20/2015
you guys missed some good deals on shoes today 7/25/2015
Half filled color change mug is Imperator Furiosa 7/12/2015
Dress for the job you want 7/9/2015
Diaper bag is ready 6/28/2015
Reminders 6/12/2015
Jack 5/6/2015
It begins 5/5/2015
Relevance! 4/21/2015
Ready to roll 4/14/2015
Congratulations 4/10/2015
Snow cars 3/1/2015
now this is my jam 12/20/2014
#tbt 10/23/2014
Announcement 10/17/2014
alright. I normally only get sandwiches that are “DECENT” or “JUST OK” 10/14/2014
Pooch plunge 2014 8/14/2014
from a bulletin board at work, presented without comment 8/8/2014