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happy father’s day! call your representatives Jun 17, 2018 bookmark & politics this is horrifying, especially seeing Paul Ryan share pictures hugging his own kid while this goes on 06 04 jfc this guy Jun 4, 2018 politics & repost jfc this guy As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done GOP’S LIST OF ECONOMISTS BACKING TAX CUT INCLUDES GHOSTS, OFFICE ASSISTANTS, EX-FELONS, AND A SPRINKLING OF REAL ECONOMISTS Dec 3, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link lol smh big if true Dec 1, 2017 #aside & note & politics & Aside I believe him. pic.twitter.com/MOYKVMgX0u — muscular baby (@Mobute) July 24, 2017 VP Mike Pence tweets same picture from Colts game that he tweeted in 2014 Oct 8, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link & Sports what a dork VP Mike Pence tweets same picture from Colts game that he tweeted in 2014 lol what Oct 3, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/03/equifax-irs-fraud-protection-contract-243419 @SenToddYoung absolutely! please let @potus know Aug 15, 2017 #reply & politics & Aside & reply ‘Love Thy Neighbor?’ - The Washington Post Jul 3, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link A good read for Independence Day weekend ‘Love Thy Neighbor?’ — The Washington Post Everyone is now required to have an opinion about Kathy Griffin: Here are 6 acceptable ones Jun 2, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link America in 2017 is a soul-void with no respite, and all we have left are the “hot takes” we formulate each day to help pass the time, inflicting Winners and Losers of the Recent Nuclear Holocaust - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency May 12, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & humor & politics & Link Winners and Losers of the Recent Nuclear Holocaust — McSweeney’s Internet Tendency i saw this quote yesterday, and didn’t even need to see the photo to know what it looked like Apr 20, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link Jared Goes To Iraq! A Picture Story Apr 12, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link Jared gets a special jacket to protect him from war things Jared Goes To Iraq! A Picture Story add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ???rnhttp://www.theverge.com/2017/3/28/15080436/us-house-votes-to-let-isps-share-web-browsing-history Mar 28, 2017 #comments & #reply & Dear NSA Angel & politics & Aside & reply & Technology add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ??? why stop there? just take the ‘HC’ out, and call it the American Act Mar 23, 2017 #aside & note & politics & Aside House Freedom Caucus source says odds of AHCA passing have improved after GOP I’ve got $40 for the first Gofundme to purchase Senator Todd Young’s browsing history Mar 23, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & Dear NSA Angel & politics & Link Favorite new aspect of Trump’s America: the voice of the resistance and journalistic integrity is Teen Vogue Mar 3, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link & Technology What’s good for the goose… is worth two in the bush… or something Mar 2, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & email & politics & Aside brief outrage respite: roasting Steve Bannon Feb 2, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & humor & politics & Link http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/steve-bannon-looks-like-jokes-are-one-of-the-few-good-1791879830 lol this knob is getting in on it too Jan 28, 2017 #reply & politics & Aside & reply A religious test for entering our country is not reflective of America's fundamental values. I reject it solid, A+ burn Jan 27, 2017 #aside & note & politics & Aside If there is a Muslim ban, refugees can pretend they're Christians. You know, just like Republicans do. — Arizona Democrat if I ever want to find out what a soul escaping the body sounds like, I know who to ask Jan 26, 2017 #aside & note & politics & Aside Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence - Rolling Stone Jan 23, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link A chronicle of the continued failing-upwards of man-on-7th-grade-basketball-trophy Mike Pence, now one step from the throne The Radical Crusade of This unverified report about Trump’s Russian ties is Twitter gold Jan 11, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link & the pee tape is real something PEOTUS something something golden something something leaks This unverified report about Trump’s Russian ties is Twitter gold Newt’s head on robot body, Sept. 11 2076: “actually osama bin laden was pretty good imho” Dec 8, 2016 #aside & note & politics & Aside wtf Nov 17, 2016 #aside & note & politics & Aside [embed]https://twitter.com/bad_takes/status/799079032499343360?s=09\[/embed\] Liked Ben Werdmüller’s Vigilance. Nov 10, 2016 #faves & favorite & politics & Aside Ben Werdmüller’s Vigilance. First draft of concession speech, Nov 9 2016 Nov 9, 2016 article & Meta & politics & venting Congratulations, President-Elect, and best of luck in your two (2) court dates before your inauguration. Congratulations to white people. You have This is honestly where I have got 80% of my election news for the last 2 months. So good Oct 4, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Aside This needs an emoji for kissing your fingers and saying “magnifico”, all I could find is ? Sep 16, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link Damn, Lake Woebegon beat down Sep 1, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-donald-trump-losing-garrison-keillor-20160831-story.html Crypto and You Mar 14, 2016 #storytime & article & politics & Technology So you want to learn more about the encryption debate.[^1] Well, take a knee, gang, its #storytime. Flash back 10 years ago. No one gave a shit Pertinent information Feb 27, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/26/11120000/ted-cruz-zodiac-killer-why-evidence-theory Restricting the spending of federal benefits should include the rich - The Washington Post Apr 22, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link When I think of all the tax money we are not collecting from [the] wealthy . . . it drives me nuts. If my tax dollars are going to a poor An Open Letter to the Governor of Indiana Mar 31, 2015 #Indiana & article & Meta & politics Dear Governor Pence, #Indiana has not been doing great in the media lately. First Pawnee had to merge with Eagleton1, then the Mole Women emerged