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same micropub issue with Reclaim 5/23/2018
@mikedotfm I will miss being able to upload music along side the streaming library, but I guess that is what a Plex server is for 5/17/2018
@dapilcher Stardew Valley. Also, get to work 5/4/2018
@dapilcher like a pirate angel of a movie 4/28/2018
@edgarwright MASSEDUCTION - St Vincent 11/6/2017
@dapilcher we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out which 5 movies this would be. Maybe 4 and a robot tiger arm 10/30/2017
@mattcutts The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday 10/10/2017
@dapilcher the roads are only for use by cars between the hours of 8am - 5:30pm, after which time they become airstrips 8/23/2017
@SenToddYoung absolutely! please let @potus know 8/15/2017
idvozgxbn2y 7/31/2017
@dapilcher sounds delicious. is there a trick to it I should know about? (says the guy who has never cut a mango) 7/24/2017
I guess it could be Cilic, but Federer clearly already possesses some kind of regeneration ability 7/16/2017
Once you win 8 Wimbledon titles, you get a TARDIS key. Fairly sure that is in the Magna Carta 7/16/2017
An update: we’ve entered Disney phase with the Moana soundtrack. But if I say “1-2-3 UH!”, he can sing the first line of Hey Ya 6/21/2017
add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ???rnhttp://www.theverge.com/2017/3/28/15080436/us-house-votes-to-let-isps-share-web-browsing-history 3/28/2017
lol this knob is getting in on it too 1/28/2017
this still happens to me daily 7/12/2016
Skype for work, Telegram otherwise. Slack looks interesting, but I haven’t had a chance to try it. nnThe way to get people to switch to 3/3/2016
@rhiadonwot at least 6.0233 1/29/2016
thoughts from an automotive tester: http://pilch.me/2015/10/open-source-cars 10/20/2015
.@dangillmor so because the billion-dollar co. wouldn’t license tech from the university that created it, they are being patent-trolled? 10/16/2015
@benwerd it is all about liability, particularly in automobiles. if open source code is used in production products, who would be liable for any recall 10/2/2015
foresight or hubris, depending on the outcome 8/14/2015
Interesting tidbit: in that last post, I tried swipe-typing “vagina” and Swiftkey autocorrected to “bazooka”. Close… 5/28/2015