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HTC One (M8) Flash Review Jun 5, 2014 #HTC & android & note & reviews & Technology The phone du jour is the HTC One M8, and I am a phone connoisseur. My JUMP-grade came up, and I had to pull the trigger. The Nexus 5 was a fantastic LG G2 Flash Review Nov 15, 2013 #LG & android & Nexus 5 & note & reviews & Technology & writing Due to a combination of horrible timing and a lack of my second and third choices[^1] at the T-Mobile store[^2], I have been using an LG G2 for The Art of the Review, The Validation of Medium, and Why Bioshock Infinte is Awesome Apr 30, 2013 #bioshock & Entertainment & note & reviews & video games & writing Video games are a staple of culture, regardless of what Roger Ebert thought (RIP). The joke is that parents let TV raise their kids, but my