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…then what are the lists for? Mar 5, 2013 #appdotnet & #facebook & #technology & apps & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing Twitter dug itself into a deeper hole with its power users last night when it axed the non-web versions of Tweetdeck. It is somehow both totally Facebook Break Mar 2, 2013 #facebook & #internet & #technology & note & Personal & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I finally uninstalled the Facebook app on my phone about two weeks ago, mostly because it sucks. I checked back a few nights ago via the browser, How to Share Online Feb 26, 2013 #facebook & #google & #internet & #technology & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I keep wrestling with when and how to leave Facebook (and actually have a long draft in progress for when I finally do). But where does one go now? Path Feb 4, 2013 #facebook & #technology & note & Path & social networks & Technology & writing Facebook is causing me major hipster backlash. I wasn’t there first, but I was damn sure there before they let just anyone use it. It was such a