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Purdue deserved better than to play the Sweet 16 without Isaac Haas. 3/24/2018
Isaac Haas’ elbow: Purdue engineers work around clock to design brace 3/23/2018
🎶 it’s the most wonderful time 🎶 of the year 🏀🏀🎶 3/15/2018
betting it all on black this year. same as every year 3/15/2018
What football will look like in the future 3/13/2018
we goin to the ship #boilerup 3/3/2018
My Magical Quest to Destroy Tom Brady and Win a Philadelphia Eagles Mini Fridge at Super Bowl LII | GQ 2/25/2018
Purdue’s Seniors Complete the Delaney Dozen - Hammer and Rails 2/23/2018
ooooh Carsen Edwards you dirty 2/22/2018
MAHOUNGOU 12/28/2017
I don’t think Rich Rodriguez knows how to high five. Looks like he is trying to bless his players 12/27/2017
Did Crybaby Loser Papa John Also Lose Our Chain Pizza Rankings? 11/2/2017
VP Mike Pence tweets same picture from Colts game that he tweeted in 2014 10/8/2017
fyi they are waiting until after the Wimbledon final to announce the new Doctor Who because it is Roger Federer 7/16/2017
I guess it could be Cilic, but Federer clearly already possesses some kind of regeneration ability 7/16/2017
Once you win 8 Wimbledon titles, you get a TARDIS key. Fairly sure that is in the Magna Carta 7/16/2017
Kansas 98, Purdue 66: The Morning After - Hammer and Rails 3/24/2017
His name is Caleb Swanigan, and he’s turned ordinary Purdue into must-watch TV 1/9/2017
I did not realize Coco Crisp was with the Indians, and all I can think of is this 10/26/2016
q: are you ready for some football rna: no, come on, it’s 9:30. i haven’t finished my coffee yet 10/2/2016
Gah I turned it off right before this 8/21/2016
I forgot about this until earlier today, and I laughed until I teared up 8/10/2016
Tim Duncan: An NBA Legend Rides Into The Sunset At A Safe And Prudent Speed - The Onion - America’s Finest News Source 7/12/2016
Ronaldo Hurt; Assaulted By Moth 7/10/2016
Indianapolis Motor Speedway to consider lifting blackout if Indy 500 sells out 5/23/2016
someone should tell this guy to mackle less 3/18/2016
Most entertaining part of the game 2/7/2016
And the winner of the halftime show is… Janelle Monae, in a stunning upset. Runners up are Missy Elliot and Jason Schwartzman 2/7/2016
The Most Painful NFL Teams to Watch 12/13/2015
The Names On The FIFA Ballot Sound Made-Up 10/26/2015
Spygate and Ballghazi 9/11/2015
congrats andrew iguana and the warblers for defeating larbon jam and his chevy cavaliers #larbon 6/17/2015
Unheralded Rivalry Report: Indiana vs. Purdue 1/30/2015
Does watching the NFL make you evil? 9/11/2014
Cable cutting and the World Cup 6/16/2014
Name of the Year 2014 3/21/2014
Olympic Questions 2/12/2014
What you pay for sports 4/3/2013
Key & Peele College Bowl 2/3/2013