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Notion comes to Android Jun 9, 2018 Android & bookmark & Technology & productivity This app looks amazing and, like the article says, intimidating Notion brings its powerful note-taking app to Android these look pretty cool 🎧 May 31, 2018 bookmark & oneplus & Technology OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Great affordable Bluetooth headphones for everyone Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR May 25, 2018 bookmark & privacy & Technology And a happy GDPR day to you and yours Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR @mikedotfm I will miss being able to upload music along side the streaming library, but I guess that is what a Plex server is for May 17, 2018 google & reply & Music & Technology dell touchpads are hot garbage May 15, 2018 note & Aside & Technology The Best Alternatives to Every Facebook Feature Mar 31, 2018 facebook & bookmark & Link & Technology Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic - WSJ Mar 7, 2018 #bookmark & #facebook & bookmark & Link & Technology Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic — WSJ Fitbit will end support for Pebble smartwatches in June Jan 25, 2018 #bookmark & #Pebble & Technology RIP Pebble Fitbit will end support for Pebble smartwatches in June Ajit Pai can go [TO VIEW REMAINDER OF STATUS UPDATE, YOU MUST UPGRADE TO BLAST! 100MBPS SERVICE. TO ADD THE COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY, PLEASE CLICK Dec 14, 2017 #aside & note & Aside & Technology HERE] Baby Boomers love Facebook, so let them have it | The Outline Dec 11, 2017 #bookmark & #facebook & bookmark & Link & Technology Uber’s use of encrypted messaging may set legal precedents Dec 4, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & encryption & Link & Technology & uber politicians keep trying to break it, but leave it to uber’s corporate espionage division sent from my red phone Nov 29, 2017 #bookmark & Android & bookmark & Link & Technology https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2017/11/28/16710210/red-smartphone-roundup-huawei-samsung-galaxy-s8-oneplus sent from my red phone How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met - Gizmodo Nov 8, 2017 #bookmark & #facebook & bookmark & Link & Technology How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met — Gizmodo I think tech people have been aware of this for a while, but it is Something is wrong on the internet — James Bridle — Medium Nov 7, 2017 #bookmark & #DadZone & #google & bookmark & parenting & Link & Technology & youtube 7 Experiences Every AIM Addict Remembers | ClickHole Oct 6, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & humor & Link & Technology You will be missed, Tony the yellow AIM guy 7 Experiences Every AIM Addict Remembers | ClickHole I hope this isn’t Fitbit’s new smartwatch - The Verge Aug 10, 2017 #bookmark & #Pebble & bookmark & Link & Technology Fitbit acquired #Pebble and apparently learned nothing from its design team. I hope this isn’t Fitbit’s new smartwatch — The how will I mark up my screenshots now? Jul 24, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & microsoft & Link & Technology spending the morning troubleshooting windows XP blue screen of death in the year of our Lord 2017 AD #technology Jul 21, 2017 #aside & #technology & note & Aside & Technology we are wading into the philosophical deep end here, and if you try to grab onto me we’ll both drown https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/93696/is-it-unethical-for-me-to-not-tell-my-employer-i-ve-automated-my-job Jul 5, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology we are wading into the philosophical deep end here, and if you try to grab onto me we’ll both drown …well, looks like that’s lunch everybody Jun 29, 2017 #image & photo & Image & Technology & work well thats lunch everybody add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ???rnhttp://www.theverge.com/2017/3/28/15080436/us-house-votes-to-let-isps-share-web-browsing-history Mar 28, 2017 #comments & #reply & Dear NSA Angel & politics & Aside & reply & Technology add another $20 to the GoFundMe for Rep. Susan Brooks ??? Favorite new aspect of Trump’s America: the voice of the resistance and journalistic integrity is Teen Vogue Mar 3, 2017 #bookmark & bookmark & politics & Link & Technology Your self-driving car won’t be built by Uber or Google Dec 14, 2016 #bookmark & #cars & bookmark & Link & Technology No surprise it is easier to build a module to attach to existing vehicles than the entire mechanical/electrical system (not to mention Why Delphi and Mobileye think they have the secret sauce for self-driving cars - The Verge Dec 1, 2016 #bookmark & #cars & bookmark & Link & Technology & work Why Delphi and Mobileye think they have the secret sauce for self-driving cars — The Verge Fitbit may be preparing to purchase Pebble, existing Pebble products will be phased out Dec 1, 2016 #bookmark & #Pebble & bookmark & nooooo & Link & Technology gaaaaahhhh Fitbit may be preparing to purchase Pebble, existing Pebble products will be phased out Securing Your Digital Life Like a Normal Person — Martin Shelton — Medium Nov 16, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & security & Technology Useful tips for communicating online safely Securing Your Digital Life Like a Normal Person — Martin Android N Preview 3 Changes The Screen Unpinning Shortcut, No Longer Throws You Back To Recents Overview Jul 3, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology this totally bit me this morning. pinned app for my toddler to look at, got message from wife, and could not figure out how to unpin to reply The ability to pin the screen in #Android is clutch for parents, until you realize their thumb rests right on the button to unpin Jun 12, 2016 #aside & Android & note & Aside & Technology Crypto and You Mar 14, 2016 #storytime & article & politics & Technology So you want to learn more about the encryption debate.[^1] Well, take a knee, gang, its #storytime. Flash back 10 years ago. No one gave a shit Lol #tech Mar 2, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/03/john-mcafee-better-prepare-to-eat-a-shoe-because-he-doesnt-know-how-iphones-work/ Makes sense, like how they force safe manufacturers to build a skeleton key hole into their product Feb 17, 2016 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology s Open source cars Oct 20, 2015 #cars & article & Technology & work (This was meant to be a brief reply to this post, but it ballooned into a post all its own.) Open source automotive software makes sense on paper. I .@dangillmor so because the billion-dollar co. wouldn’t license tech from the university that created it, they are being patent-trolled? Oct 16, 2015 #reply & Aside & reply & Technology This is pretty cool, but I keep thinking about the Terminator saying “my CPU is a neural network, a learning computer” Oct 8, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology ‘A positivity app’ implies you can only rate people 5 stars. Then what is the point? Oct 1, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology Ad-block-alypse Sep 30, 2015 #internet & article & Dear NSA Angel & Technology Dear Cheryl1 (my NSA angel), Hi there. I have been reading (but you knew that) about the latest cycle of ad blocking, and how it will be the end of Mossberg: It’s time to free the smartphone Sep 16, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Technology Preach. Mossberg: It’s time to free the smartphone Apple releases Shutters, my favorite Android launcher feature @chrismlacy Sep 9, 2015 #aside & android & apple & note & Aside & Technology Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site Aug 27, 2015 #bookmark & #internet & bookmark & hacking & Link & Technology Full of schadenfreude if you are a fan of: marital fidelity recognizing scams responsible database management Almost None of the Women in the Engineering Students at Purdue Can Take a Class In Hyperloop Design This Fall Aug 27, 2015 #boilerup & #bookmark & #purdue & bookmark & Aside & Technology Yup, sounds about right #purdue Engineering Students at Purdue Can Take a Class In Hyperloop Design This Fall How I Gave Up Alternating Current Aug 4, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology Get a load of this guy. ” I think it was a bit presumptuous for the architect to assume I wanted a kitchen with my apartment and make me pay for What is Code? Jun 11, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology This is a fantastic introduction. A computer is a clock with benefits. What is Code? navigates to The Verge front page, ctrl+F “apple” More than 100 matches. Must be a Tuesday. #wwdc Jun 9, 2015 #aside & apple & note & Aside & Technology The Elusive Private Cloud Jun 5, 2015 #google & #internet & apple & article & privacy & Technology It is the DMZ week between the two major developer conferences of the year, #Google I/O and Appple’s WWDC. Shots were fired by Google in the form of No one is allowed to own things anymore. Apr 24, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology http://www.wired.com/2015/04/dmca-ownership-john-deere/ Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! - YouTube Apr 22, 2015 #bookmark & #video & #want & bookmark & Video & Technology #want I can finally pay for GOT, in the most roundabout way possible http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/9/8376509/hbo-sling-tv-now-available Apr 9, 2015 #bookmark & #gameofthrones & bookmark & Link & Technology & tv Work email Jan 27, 2015 #aside & email & Microsoft Office & note & Aside & Technology & work My work just sent out a company-wide email with no text, just an attached Word doc that took 2 minutes to load. It was a bullet list of tax Mashable: I drove the streets of Las Vegas in a self-driving Audi Jan 8, 2015 #bookmark & #cars & bookmark & CES & Link & Technology & work Always nice to see your employer in the news for being at the forefront of a new technology. Glad I could help lol Oct 30, 2014 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & Technology & Video Games The Verge: Gamergate is dead Less than 3 hours after I published mine? Glad I could help lol The Internet as a Megaphone Oct 30, 2014 #subcultures & article & Technology & Video Games & women & writing We live in exciting, sometimes terrifying times. It has become fashionable to carry a device on your person at all times with more computing power The MS Office Conundrum Oct 13, 2014 #software & article & microsoft & Microsoft Office & Technology & writing Microsoft Office makes people worse at software.[^1] I work with engineers - people that know their way around power electronics and embedded The Indie Web Oct 9, 2014 #facebook & article & in beta & indie web & Indieweb & Known & Meta & Technology & TWiG & writing I have been griping about leaving Facebook and owning my data for a while now, but I may have finally found a solution. The indie web, its called. The Tech Singularity is Upon Us Sep 9, 2014 android & apple & article & rant & Technology Here is a clickbait-y headline for you: “The 15 most important announcements from the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 event.” Here are all the items from the Cable cutting and the World Cup Jun 16, 2014 cable cutting & note & Image & sports & Technology & world cup A cable cutter tries to watch the national team’s World Cup opener: in the background, an unused television and home theater setup, and in the HTC One (M8) Flash Review Jun 5, 2014 #HTC & android & note & reviews & Technology The phone du jour is the HTC One M8, and I am a phone connoisseur. My JUMP-grade came up, and I had to pull the trigger. The Nexus 5 was a fantastic Productivity in the Age of Angry Flapping Birds May 14, 2014 #Evernote & GTD & note & Technology & trello & workflowy I am a flip-flopper. The newest thing is always best; the grass perpetually greener. It is why I just got a new phone, and why my employer using To Jump or not to Jump Apr 30, 2014 Nexus 5 & note & smartphones & t-mobile & Technology I am a gadget enthusiast, so when T-Mobile announced their JUMP program a year ago, it caught my attention. If you haven’t heard of it, the program Planet Facebook Mar 27, 2014 #facebook & note & Link & social networking & Technology http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/25/5547946/welcome-to-planet-facebook Kind of what I’ve been trying to avoid Link Bubble Mar 21, 2014 android & Buffer & note & Link & Technology & via IFTTT One of the reasons I love android devices - thinking outside the box http://tnw.co/1in2cKW from Buffer via IFTTT Planning stings and getting stung Mar 4, 2014 #corruption & Dear NSA Angel & note & Sprint & Technology & writing Dear Mike (my NSA angel), I hear you guys got duped pretty bad by a major US telecom company. I am having trouble picking a favorite part of this Streaming Music Throwdown Feb 13, 2014 Music & note & streaming & Technology I have been experimenting with the various streaming music offerings, since it is the future of music consumption.[^1] Due diligence seems to be the Even in secret… Jan 29, 2014 android & note & Link & privacy & Technology NSA/GCHQ shipping iOS first This comment hit a little close to home LG G2 Flash Review Nov 15, 2013 #LG & android & Nexus 5 & note & reviews & Technology & writing Due to a combination of horrible timing and a lack of my second and third choices[^1] at the T-Mobile store[^2], I have been using an LG G2 for In Beta #74 Nov 14, 2013 in beta & note & Link & Technology & video games http://5by5.tv/inbeta/74 This is my ‘feel like i’m being productive and learning things’ podcast that I usually listen to on my Thursday morning Music for the masses Nov 12, 2013 Music & note & streaming & Technology & writing Music is a staple of human civilization. Musicians are staples of music. Being exploited and undervalued is a staple of being a musician, especially Phablet Couture, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Touchwiz Oct 31, 2013 android & AOSP & Galaxy Note 2 & note & Technology & Touchwiz & writing I’ve had a Galaxy Note 2 for about 6 months. I bought it because I got the itch to upgrade, and it was the best Android phone available at the time ‘Virtuous’ circles of software Oct 24, 2013 android & iOS & note & Technology & venture capital & via Tumblr & writing I started a list several months ago of iOS-first applications that had everything to gain from launching on Android but seemingly just decided not Screenshot of despair Sep 4, 2013 note & Image & screenshot of despair & Technology & via Tumblr haha my submission made it Black and blue screen Aug 26, 2013 note & Personal & Image & Technology & via Path one of those days — View on Path. XKCD: Preferred Chat System Aug 23, 2013 #chat & #internet & note & Image & Technology & xkcd xkcd: Preferred Chat System XKCD: Council of 300 Jun 12, 2013 note & Image & Technology & xkcd thisistheverge: xkcd: Council of 300 The trouble with mobile Jun 5, 2013 #google & android & mobile & note & privacy & Technology & verizon & writing I am stuck in the second half of my 2 year phone contract. The first half is when the phone is all new and shiny and the manufacturer keeps it up to M. Wunsch: The Great Google Goat Rodeo May 18, 2013 note & Link & Technology mwunsch: I have a serious problem with Google. This is a difficult statement to make, because I don’t think The Verge: Offline May 2, 2013 note & Link & Technology & the verge & via Tumblr thisistheverge: I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet Paul Miller returns after a year off the internet. I was wrong. Off the beaten Path May 2, 2013 note & Path & social networking & spam & Technology & writing I will start off by saying I am a Path apologist. I love the app; it is my go-to for sharing moments from my phone. The design is cutting edge, and Facebook Break, Part 2 Apr 5, 2013 #facebook & note & social networking & Technology & writing So, I hadn’t been on Facebook directly for about a month until a couple nights ago (not counting one post from Spotify, where I tried to post to Digital Rights Management Mar 8, 2013 #ea & #technology & fail & game of thrones & hbo & note & simcity & Technology & writing Since the advent of broadband internet, and even a bit before, “piracy” has been a problem. I use quotes because there is probably a better term …then what are the lists for? Mar 5, 2013 #appdotnet & #facebook & #technology & apps & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing Twitter dug itself into a deeper hole with its power users last night when it axed the non-web versions of Tweetdeck. It is somehow both totally Facebook Break Mar 2, 2013 #facebook & #internet & #technology & note & Personal & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I finally uninstalled the Facebook app on my phone about two weeks ago, mostly because it sucks. I checked back a few nights ago via the browser, How to Share Online Feb 26, 2013 #facebook & #google & #internet & #technology & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I keep wrestling with when and how to leave Facebook (and actually have a long draft in progress for when I finally do). But where does one go now? thisistheverge: After reaching Twitter token limit, Falcon Pro now priced at $132 to dissuade new downloads Feb 26, 2013 #technology & note & Technology & via IFTTT via Tumblr http://craigpilcher.tumblr.com/post/44081659815/thisistheverge-after-reaching-twitter-token Driving (and) Innovation Feb 20, 2013 #cars & #Indiana & #technology & innovation & note & Technology & transportation & writing I am getting sick of driving. I have to commute for an hour at the beginning and end of each work day. That means, if you don’t live on the eastern Privacy Feb 18, 2013 #cispa & #internet & #technology & note & privacy & Technology & writing The amount of people that do not (or even choose not to) understand modern technology and the internet is bewildering. I see it day to day at work The Master List Feb 12, 2013 #technology & android & apps & iOS & Master List & mobile & note & Technology This is the list of apps that have yet to come to Android, for any number of reasons. about.me Nike The Master List Tracker, Feb. 2013 Feb 12, 2013 #technology & android & apps & iOS & Master List & mobile & note & Technology & twitter & vine As an Android user, I am sick of developers picking iOS over Android as their initial mobile launch. It may be that I don’t understand the Smarter Sharing: Feedly connects with Buffer Feb 8, 2013 #technology & note & Technology Two great services, practically made for each other. Looking forward to Android integration Phones Feb 5, 2013 #technology & Daily Prompts & note & Phones & postaday & Technology & writing Problems with smartphones, as with so many things in life, are seemingly always user error. Nobody has an innate ability to operate such advanced Path Feb 4, 2013 #facebook & #technology & note & Path & social networks & Technology & writing Facebook is causing me major hipster backlash. I wasn’t there first, but I was damn sure there before they let just anyone use it. It was such a Modern privacy Jan 28, 2013 #technology & note & Technology & writing It’s quaint that after all those years of having to memorize and change and rememorize passwords, the better option might be an actual key. It was