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love seeing Venture Bros. recommendations in the feed 📺 Jun 15, 2018 venture bros & bookmark & tv This is a good episode for the theme, without getting too deep into the characters After The Incredibles 2, watch this Venture Bros. episode Toddler Media Diet Mar 31, 2018 #DadZone & article & TV The little man is starting to have strong opinions about what we play and read and listen to and watch. And while I have been able to steer his alex knows nothing of the #dicktree Oct 12, 2017 #aside & #dicktree & note & Aside & tv 🚨 DICK TREE 🚨 pic.twitter.com/owxVEMwZwI — ¿kate? 🇨🇭 (@katewitko) October 12, 2017 idvozgxbn2y Jul 31, 2017 #reply & Aside & reply & tv @dapilcher fyi they are waiting until after the Wimbledon final to announce the new Doctor Who because it is Roger Federer Jul 16, 2017 #aside & note & Aside & Sports & tv Here’s why you can’t successfully FOIA President Obama’s ‘Game of Thrones’ screener Apr 19, 2016 #bookmark & #gameofthrones & bookmark & Link & tv Astrobase GO! Jan 25, 2016 #bookmark & #venturebros & bookmark & Link & tv The best deal in TV show fashion returns Astrobase GO! Finally caught up on Game of Thrones, so 2016 is allowed to start now Dec 31, 2015 #aside & note & Aside & tv I quote these shows to people around me constantly. #athf #aquateen They did something right Oct 9, 2015 #aquateenhungerforce & #athf & #bookmark & bookmark & Link & tv The Life and Death of Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Paste Jun 17, 2015 #aquateenhungerforce & #athf & #bookmark & bookmark & Link & tv When asked what they’ll miss the most about the show, Maiellaro immediately jokes “the money. All the money we’ve made from it.” The Life and “Which parts are the lady parts?” “The vagina and the heart.“- Tina and Gene #BobsBurgers May 28, 2015 #aside & #BobsBurgers & note & Quote & tv “Which parts are the lady parts?” ”The vagina and the heart.” Tina and Gene #BobsBurgers I can finally pay for GOT, in the most roundabout way possible http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/9/8376509/hbo-sling-tv-now-available Apr 9, 2015 #bookmark & #gameofthrones & bookmark & Link & Technology & tv The Verge: One of my favorite podcast hosts died, and it feels like I lost a friend Feb 20, 2015 #parksandrec & bookmark & Entertainment & Parks and Recreation & Link & TV I have been trying to figure out why I felt bad about this, and I’m glad someone else could articulate it for me. I remember laughing so hard my WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: The Venture Bros. Jan 7, 2015 #bookmark & bookmark & Link & the venture bros. & TV http://www.wired.com/2015/01/binge-guide-venture-bros/ In the words of ZODIAC_MF, this show is NOT OPTIONAL. Although the guide does miss a couple Bowling ball Jun 9, 2014 30 Rock & liz lemon & note & Quote & Quotes & TV - How big is an 8 year old’s head? A bowling ball? -Too small. It’s like a basketball. But one of those small basketballs, you win at the fair. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece May 15, 2014 MST3K & note & Pocket Favorites & Link & TV Released in 1966, Manos: The Hands of Fate is a D-minus of a B movie: Its plot, about desert-­dwelling pagans, makes little sense. Its cast could Neck pillow Apr 22, 2014 30 Rock & jack donaghy & liz lemon & note & Quote & TV -Do you have a neck pillow? I blew mine up, and now it smells like my mouth. -I don’t sleep on planes. I don’t want to get incepted. Liz Lemon Peter Dinklage Loves Hummus and Doesn’t Own a Hairbrush Apr 19, 2014 game of thrones & note & Peter Dinklage & Link & TV Hummus is pretty good Barleysheath Apr 18, 2014 30 Rock & liz lemon & note & Quote & TV -When are you due? -April 20. Hitler’s birthday. -What is the name of your gynecologist? -Dr. Rufus T. Barleysheath. -Where was the baby Game of Thrones business Apr 8, 2014 game of thrones & note & Image & TV & via Tumblr hodgman: laughingsquid: A Sex Infographic That Charts Out Who Has Hooked up with Who on Seasons 1-3 of ‘Game of Thrones’ Uh, I believe you mean, “Hodor,” said Hodor Mar 11, 2014 game of thrones & note & Link & TV Newswire: Game Of Thrones’ Hodor comes out as Hodor http://www.avclub.com/article/game-thrones-hodor-comes-out-hodor-202079 Cable questions Feb 18, 2014 #comcast & Dear NSA Angel & house of cards & note & tv Dear Jim (my NSA angel), My cable company is attempting to buy their closest competitor. I know you and Comcast are bros on the DL, but your love is Horse grenades Feb 5, 2014 Andy Dwyer & Chat & note & Parks and Rec & Quotes & TV -Close only counts in horse grenades. -What? -Well, when you are playing horseshoes, and you throw your grenade at the horse, you don’t have to get What Don is thinking Dec 29, 2013 note & Image & TV & via Tumblr via Tumblr Day of the Doctor Trailer Nov 10, 2013 doctor who & note & Video & TV & via Tumblr doctorwho: IT’S FINALLY HERE. The official clip trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’. (Psst. If you’re Day of the Doctor teaser trailer Oct 20, 2013 doctor who & note & Video & TV & via Tumblr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0AX8rgJ8f0 doctorwho: Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who with this specially-shot tribute in advance of the special Whoa May 27, 2013 #gif & note & Image & TV & via Tumblr jakefogelnest: Whoa. Rochambeau May 4, 2013 #lol & Chat & note & Quotes & the order of the triad & the venture bros. & TV JT: Ok, on three, give him the old Rochambeau! A: Rock paper scissors? O: What does a general from the American Revolution have to do with this? JT: Is this guy a shark or what? Apr 23, 2013 1980s guy & boneitis & Chat & futurama & note & Quotes & TV & Zoidberg -There are two kinds of people in the world: sheep and sharks. Anyone who is a sheep is fired. Who here is a sheep? -Excuse me - which is the one What you pay for sports Apr 3, 2013 cable & note & Link & sports & TV Kind of eye opening. via Deadspin Thunder Mar 13, 2013 #athf & Aqua Teen Hunger Force & Chat & iamapod & master shake & note & Quotes & TV Master Shake: Will you check my schedule, please? Right on the fridge. Frylock: “24/7 THE THUNDER WILL ROLL.” Looks like you’re all booked up. The flu Feb 15, 2013 Andy Dwyer & note & Parks and Rec & Quote & Quotes & TV I typed in your symptoms, and it says you might have “network connection problems.” -Andy Dwyer Good morning computer Feb 14, 2013 note & Parks and Rec & Personal & TV & via IFTTT via Tumblr http://craigpilcher.tumblr.com/post/43076780634/good-morning-computer Attitude Feb 12, 2013 #comedy & Frisky Dingo & note & Quote & Quotes & TV -You can’t fax glitter. -…well, not with that attitude. -Not with any attitude! -Xander Crews and Stan Community Feb 8, 2013 #comedy & Community & entertainment & note & TV & venture brothers The pantheon of Things The Internet Does Not Hate is pretty hard to join. Cats, for whatever reason, have always been on this list. Certain post Apr 14, 2012 #gif & #lol & note & Parks and Rec & Image & tom haverford & TV & via Tumblr