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Year-Listicle In Review 2014 Dec 21, 2014 article & Personal & writing & year in review Lots of pretty terrible things happened this year. It wasn’t all bad though. Here were the bright spots. (And here is the review of last year.) The Internet as a Megaphone Oct 30, 2014 #subcultures & article & Technology & Video Games & women & writing We live in exciting, sometimes terrifying times. It has become fashionable to carry a device on your person at all times with more computing power The MS Office Conundrum Oct 13, 2014 #software & article & microsoft & Microsoft Office & Technology & writing Microsoft Office makes people worse at software.[^1] I work with engineers - people that know their way around power electronics and embedded The Indie Web Oct 9, 2014 #facebook & article & in beta & indie web & Indieweb & Known & Meta & Technology & TWiG & writing I have been griping about leaving Facebook and owning my data for a while now, but I may have finally found a solution. The indie web, its called. Bullet Journaling Jun 12, 2014 #Evernote & GTD & Meta & note & workflowy & writing Flip-flopping yet again, I found another organization method to try out called the Bullet Journal. This one is decidedly analog, and the only major Planning stings and getting stung Mar 4, 2014 #corruption & Dear NSA Angel & note & Sprint & Technology & writing Dear Mike (my NSA angel), I hear you guys got duped pretty bad by a major US telecom company. I am having trouble picking a favorite part of this Dear NSA Angel Feb 12, 2014 Dear NSA Angel & note & privacy & writing One of my best friends is doing some awesome things in the Navy. Like, awesome enough that he can’t really say what they are. My wife and I were More blogging tools! Jan 29, 2014 #blogging & Markdown & Meta & note & writing I can’t decide anymore. There are so many places to blog now. Varying feature sets keep me from fully locking into one, but I realize that it is The Year of the Blog (specifically, mine) Dec 16, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & writing My new year’s resolution for 2013 has been to write. Just, in general, write when you can. I enjoy experimenting with technology and software, so I LG G2 Flash Review Nov 15, 2013 #LG & android & Nexus 5 & note & reviews & Technology & writing Due to a combination of horrible timing and a lack of my second and third choices[^1] at the T-Mobile store[^2], I have been using an LG G2 for Music for the masses Nov 12, 2013 Music & note & streaming & Technology & writing Music is a staple of human civilization. Musicians are staples of music. Being exploited and undervalued is a staple of being a musician, especially Phablet Couture, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Touchwiz Oct 31, 2013 android & AOSP & Galaxy Note 2 & note & Technology & Touchwiz & writing I’ve had a Galaxy Note 2 for about 6 months. I bought it because I got the itch to upgrade, and it was the best Android phone available at the time ‘Virtuous’ circles of software Oct 24, 2013 android & iOS & note & Technology & venture capital & via Tumblr & writing I started a list several months ago of iOS-first applications that had everything to gain from launching on Android but seemingly just decided not wanna get away Oct 2, 2013 note & Personal & southwest airlines & travel & via Tumblr & writing I can’t decide if flying Southwest is worth it or not. It is generally not that much cheaper than Delta, especially to regional stops. The free The trouble with mobile Jun 5, 2013 #google & android & mobile & note & privacy & Technology & verizon & writing I am stuck in the second half of my 2 year phone contract. The first half is when the phone is all new and shiny and the manufacturer keeps it up to Off the beaten Path May 2, 2013 note & Path & social networking & spam & Technology & writing I will start off by saying I am a Path apologist. I love the app; it is my go-to for sharing moments from my phone. The design is cutting edge, and The Art of the Review, The Validation of Medium, and Why Bioshock Infinte is Awesome Apr 30, 2013 #bioshock & Entertainment & note & reviews & video games & writing Video games are a staple of culture, regardless of what Roger Ebert thought (RIP). The joke is that parents let TV raise their kids, but my Facebook Break, Part 2 Apr 5, 2013 #facebook & note & social networking & Technology & writing So, I hadn’t been on Facebook directly for about a month until a couple nights ago (not counting one post from Spotify, where I tried to post to Comedown Machine Apr 1, 2013 comedown machine & Music & note & The Strokes & writing I didn’t listen to Is This It until after I had heard Room On Fire. That means I have no hipster cred, and was not fully aware of the hype Digital Rights Management Mar 8, 2013 #ea & #technology & fail & game of thrones & hbo & note & simcity & Technology & writing Since the advent of broadband internet, and even a bit before, “piracy” has been a problem. I use quotes because there is probably a better term …then what are the lists for? Mar 5, 2013 #appdotnet & #facebook & #technology & apps & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing Twitter dug itself into a deeper hole with its power users last night when it axed the non-web versions of Tweetdeck. It is somehow both totally Facebook Break Mar 2, 2013 #facebook & #internet & #technology & note & Personal & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I finally uninstalled the Facebook app on my phone about two weeks ago, mostly because it sucks. I checked back a few nights ago via the browser, How to Share Online Feb 26, 2013 #facebook & #google & #internet & #technology & note & social networks & Technology & twitter & writing I keep wrestling with when and how to leave Facebook (and actually have a long draft in progress for when I finally do). But where does one go now? Driving (and) Innovation Feb 20, 2013 #cars & #Indiana & #technology & innovation & note & Technology & transportation & writing I am getting sick of driving. I have to commute for an hour at the beginning and end of each work day. That means, if you don’t live on the eastern Privacy Feb 18, 2013 #cispa & #internet & #technology & note & privacy & Technology & writing The amount of people that do not (or even choose not to) understand modern technology and the internet is bewildering. I see it day to day at work Surreal experiences Feb 11, 2013 Daily Prompts & note & Personal & postaday & writing Witnessed this conversation with a police officer. I was sitting in the back seat of a Pontiac Sunfire with at least 4 other dudes. Also, I had my Phones Feb 5, 2013 #technology & Daily Prompts & note & Phones & postaday & Technology & writing Problems with smartphones, as with so many things in life, are seemingly always user error. Nobody has an innate ability to operate such advanced Path Feb 4, 2013 #facebook & #technology & note & Path & social networks & Technology & writing Facebook is causing me major hipster backlash. I wasn’t there first, but I was damn sure there before they let just anyone use it. It was such a Mundanity Jan 30, 2013 #blogging & Meta & note & Pilch & writing I am battling with how to write a blog post without dropping into the mundane details of everyday life. It is something we have all become aware of Modern privacy Jan 28, 2013 #technology & note & Technology & writing It’s quaint that after all those years of having to memorize and change and rememorize passwords, the better option might be an actual key. It was from IRL Jan 24, 2013 Meta & note & writing Ok, for real this time. This is all very new to me. But this seems like a good landing point for thoughts and aspirations and observations and GIFs